PCD Rewards Tutorial for Mobile

Tap the "PCD Rewards" tab.

If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to do so. If you do not already have a store account, create one now.

After logging in, tap the "PCD Rewards" tab again, and this page will pop up.
Tap "Earn More Chicklets."

As you can see, there are several ways to earn Chicklets, but the one I'll show you in this tutorial is "Refer a friend."
Tap the "Refer a friend" button.

Your referral link will show up right here. Have your friends use this link to create their account and place their first order.

Tap the back button at the bottom of the page until you are back on this page.
Tap "Spend Your Chicklets."

Tap "Redeem" next to the reward you'd like to receive.

If you don't have enough Chicklets, text will pop up and tell you how many more you need.

If you do have enough Chicklets, it will ask you to confirm and then bring you to this page.
It will show you your coupon code here as well as email it to you.

Now go earn those Chicklets for free PCD money!